How To Increase The Size Of Your Pecs

Several Types Of Chest Exercises To Increase The Size Of Your Pecs
In the upper body, the biggest muscle group is the pectoralis. They are the chest muscles that spread across the upper chest. If you want to get the best possible chest workout, you need to use heavy weights in various exercises that will put attention on the outer, inner, upper and lower pecs.

“Pecs” are considered the pushing muscles that work closely with your shoulders and arms. When your chest is worked, the deltoids and triceps get a workout too. Your pecs’ size, depth and spread have a direct correlation to the weights being used in the training regimen.


What Exercises Are Best For Pecs Development


Bench Press

One of the first exercises people consider when they’re talking about their chest muscles is the bench press. The bench press exercise can be done in various ways and using a number of angles, benches, grips and weights.

The only commonalities between the kinds of bench presses are:

  • Plates
  • Olympic bar

Now, the basic bench press is the use of a flat bench with a wide-grip on the bar. With a wide grip, the outer pecs get worked more. How the bar is lowered to the chest or neck determines if the middle or upper pecs get a workout.

When you lower the bar to the middle of your best and you keep your elbows to the side, you work out the triceps. When you bring the bar to your neck and the elbows are wide apart, you work the front deltoids.

You can also use an incline board, bringing the bar down to your neck. This exercise works out the upper pecs. The lower pecs get a workout when you use a decline board.


Parallel Bar Dips

With your hands shoulder width apart, you can work the upper and inner pecs. When the shoulders are even further apart, the delt-pec and outer pecs get the workout.


Using Dumbbells For Chest Workouts

When you don’t want to use the Olympic bar, dumbbells can be used to work the pecs. Dumbbells can be used to do flies on a decline, flat or incline bench. They are great to stretch and rip the pecs.


Cable and Pulley Machine

This exercise machine is ideal for chest-finishing exercises like the two-handed crunch. This exercise is instigated with the arms wide apart and handles brought in front of the chest together and arms bent slightly at your elbow.


Bent-Arm Pullover

This exercise is done using a flat bench; the weight is on the floor. You take a supine position and reach over your head to grab the barbell. Ensure your arms are kept bent and bring the weight to your chest with a circular motion.

When the weight is pushed from the chest, a compound exercise is done. It’s known as a close-grip bench press. It comes back to the chest, which is lowered to the floor with a circular motion.


How Should Your Chest Exercise Routine Begin

If you want to really work your pecs, the best thing you can do is:

  • Begin with heavy weight exercises (bench press)
  • Go down to barbell exercises
  • Then do dumbbell exercises
  • Finally do bodyweight resistance exercises


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