How To Build Bigger Arms

How Exercise and Diet Can Increase The Size Of Your Biceps and Triceps

When it comes to fitness, there’s nothing that speaks louder than large, muscular arms. Both men and women love the look that comes with billowing biceps and ripped triceps. It doesn’t matter what kind of shirt is worn, big arms can be seen and appreciated. Would you like to learn how you can get bigger arms?

Well, for starters, you’ll have to work them… hard! You can’t accomplish this task with your butt sitting down on rubber balls, using a spring-loaded hand grip or constantly running on a treadmill, holding the bars. That’s not the way you’ll get the big arms you want. You’re going to have to face your fear of the gym… and go! You’re going to need to use the weight machines, dumbbells and barbells if you desire those big arms you only dreamed were possible.

Now, there are two muscle groups found in the arms: biceps and triceps. What are these muscles? How are they used? What exercises can you do to make them bigger?


A Look At The Biceps Arm Muscles

The two-part muscle is located in the front, and when curled firmly, they become completely contracted. When you’re pulling things to close to you, your biceps are the muscles being used.

When you curl a weight, your biceps are the ones mostly worked. When your arm is curling, it’s known as a positive exercise. When uncurling the weight to go back to the starting point, it’s known as a negative exercise. Bodybuilders need to ensure to exert the muscle during the movements.

When it comes to biceps exercises, it’s a good idea to use dumbbell and barbell curls. There are a number of curling exercises you can do – either standing up or sitting down. Bear in mind that it’s imperative your attention is on the exercise, controlling the movements and slowly carrying them out. Also, do three sets of 10 repetitions on the exercises you do including but not limited to:

  • Incline, face-forward barbell curl
  • Incline dumbbell curl
  • Reverse-grip curl using easy-curl-bar
  • Standing dumbbell curl


A Look At The Triceps Arm Muscles

The three-part muscle is located at the back, and when the arm is straight, the muscles completely contract. When you’re pushing things away from you, your triceps are the muscles being used.

When the bar is pressed away, the triceps are being worked; this is a positive exercise. Weight resistance (going back to the original point) is known as the negative exercise. Again, bodybuilders will need to make sure the muscle is exerted during the movements.

Just as there are many biceps arm muscles exercises, there are just as many triceps arm muscles exercises. Again, you can stand up or sit down to do these exercises, and don’t forget to concentrate on the movements and slowly carry them out. And, just like the biceps exercises, you want to do three sets of 10 reps of exercises like:

  • Bent over triceps extension with wall pulley
  • Reverse grip triceps press downs
  • Standup dumbbell triceps press
  • Sit down close-grip triceps curls


What Can Advanced Bodybuilders Use To Get Bigger Arms

When it comes to advanced bodybuilding, it’s best to switch back and forth between triceps and biceps exercises. With this kind of workout, time is shorter but there is no sacrifice to the integrity of the exercise. On top of that, rests between the sets should be limited to one minute and there should be no rest between the exercises.

SPECIAL NOTE: Place attention on your arms just one time a week, making they are completely exhausted on arm-day. Yes, your arms will be used on other workout days but not as intensely as arm day.


Your Diet After An Intense Workout

After you’ve worked out your arms, you have to let the muscles rest. This gives them time to repair the tissue that was damaged from the intense workout. You also need to be aware of what you’re eating. It’s imperative that you follow a high-protein diet where 25 percent of the calories you consume are from protein sources – fish, meat, chicken, etc. You also need to have dietary fats to metabolize that protein.

You can also use protein supplements and amino acids in Lipotropic 3 form. Lipotropic 3 is a compound of three important amino acids that assist in burning body fat. Also good are kelp and desiccated liver tablets. To increase both your endurance and energy, you can use a cold-pressed wheat germ oil.


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