How Female Bodybuilding Differs From Male Bodybuilding

How The Female Bodybuilding Process Differs Slightly From Male Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding isn’t like other sports in the world – more time and effort is put forth during the preparation process. Many people don’t see bodybuilding as a sport but it really is. After all, there’s the intense training musclewomen and musclemen must put into it. And, to sculpt a body that’s perfect for showing takes a significant amount of effort.


Body Perfection Is Key Objective In Bodybuilding

The primary goal to bodybuilding is body perfection, whether it’s a man or woman’s body. But, the reality of attaining this goal is that men and women must follow an approach designed for their gender due to the difference in both metabolism and anatomy.

It’s true that women – without some type of help from a chemical – cannot attain the muscularity of the male body. And, the diet and exercises male bodybuilders use will generate different outcomes in females.

When it comes to musclewomen, they still consume high-protein meals, lift weights and use natural supplements. The female body will answer that hard work with giving them conditioned, sculpted muscles as well as a six-pack. However, they will not increase the size of their muscles to the point that is seen with the male bodybuilders.


3 Phases Of Female Bodybuilding

Female bodybuilding has experienced three key phases:

1 – Early Days

The first days of female bodybuilding was all about a well-formed, beautiful, smooth figure

2 – Muscularity Days

One the first phase had passed, bodybuilding women looked to gaining massive amounts of muscles. And, this was done by using male growth hormones and anabolic steroids. In fact, some bodybuilding women looked like men because they became so muscular.

3 – Today’s Look

Female bodybuilders are going for the natural look, performing various resistance exercises that will provide their body with toning and definition while ensuring they still have that feminine look to them. If you need an idea of what this look is, just go back to Terminator 2 and what Linda Hamilton looked like in it.


How Does A Woman Become A Musclewoman?

Now, you might be wondering how women can become musclewomen. Well, it starts with doing both resistance training and weight training. All muscles groups must be worked to total exhaustion at least one time a week. It’s important to remember that to get this feminine muscular look, they’ll need to use different exercises to get their upper and lower body shape.


Lower Body Exercises

Women need to work on their outer and inner thigh muscles – abductor, adductor and hip flexor muscles. The hamstrings and quadriceps are worked by doing thigh-bicep curls and squats. Calf raises can finish off the rest of the lower body.


Upper Body Exercises

To ensure their upper body gets a good work, chest muscles can get worked using the following: machine flies, dumbbells, machine presses or barbells and shoulder presses. When it comes to working the arms, they can do dumbbell or barbell curls, French presses or triceps press-downs.

It’s important to note that female bodybuilders lift heavy weight amounts each time they work out.


A Look At Female Bodybuilding Nutrition: Why It’s So Important To Building Musclewomen

Strength and resistance training are just one part of the bodybuilding musclewomen process. Nutrition is the other part in the process. A female bodybuilder needs to have a diet that consists of the following:

  • 25% protein
  • 40% complex carbohydrates
  • Remainder from both fiber and fats

These are essential in rebuilding the damaged tissue caused by the intense workouts.

It’s also a good idea to start using dietary supplements.

  • Copious amounts of eggs to increase protein consumption
  • Raw milk and protein powder mixed together
  • Amino acids to assist with protein metabolizing and fat burning
  • Soluble oil (wheat germ oil) is helpful for endurance and energy
  • Desiccated liver tablets and kelp can give the body a protein boost

The last part of female bodybuilding is competition. When it comes to display, the female body is not like the male body. Yes, they can carry out the male poses – flexing the back, shoulders and arms – but it’s done gracefully and designed to show off the highly-sculpted body in a feminine nature.

Basically, musclewoman building is not much different from muscleman building. The only key difference is how the process is approached because the female’s metabolism and form must be taken into account. Women’s results are just as extraordinary and inspiring as the results of men.

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