2 Types Of Exercises That Make Your Thighs Bigger and Stronger

There are three muscle groups in the legs: calves (lower leg), biceps (rear upper leg) and quadriceps (front thigh muscles). Would you like to learn how you can get bigger thighs?

In the majority of folks, the legs are two-thirds of their body weight. They’re generally solid muscle; not like the stomach area, which has plenty of air space and filled with the all-important organs. In order to increase the size of the thighs and legs, they must be worked intensely.


2 Kinds of Exercises That Can Increase The Size Of Your Thighs

There are all kinds of exercises out there that can help you strengthen your legs and increase the size of your thighs.



There is no doubt that the squats are the best exercise you can do to increase the size of your size. Non-experienced bodybuilders tend to shy away from these due to the exertion it takes to carry out the exercise. Squats can be done using barbells or dumbbells or with a weight-loaded Smith machine

You can do squats, placing the weight evenly on your shoulders or hold them in front of you at chest level. They can be done with your heels flat-footed or elevated about two inches. It doesn’t matter how you perform the squats, but it’s important to never lock your legs when straightened. You want to be sure there is no tension on the muscles.

You can also use a bench to help you carry out one kind of squat, ensuring that you go down the right distance. Or, you can perform the squat, making sure your butt touches your heels. What part of the thighs are worked – upper, outer or inner thighs – will be determined by two things:

  • How your knees are pointed
  • How your feet are spread

If you have the desire to build your thighs, you need to do three sets of 10 repetitions of the following kinds of squats:


1 – Barbell Squat

To carry out this exercise, you need an Olympic bar, weights and a squat rack. Be sure you raise your heels and squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Be sure you use a weight that makes you tussle to reach those 10 reps.


2 – Wide Stance Barbell Squat

With your heels raised up and your legs spread wide apart, your knees should be pointed outwards to work your inner thighs out during the squat.


3 – Hack Squat

To do the hack squat, your heels should be elevated with the barbells held behind the butt. Squat until you practically touch the floor with the weights.


Leg Presses


1 – Leg Press Machine

Sitting down in this machine, your feet placement determines if your upper, outer or inner thighs get worked.


2 – Decline Leg Press Machine

When using this machine, where your foot is placed will alter the part of the thigh that gets worked. You can also work your butt if you work the muscle deep enough.


3 – Leg Extension Machine

This machine will work the inner, outer and lower thighs, going to the knee.


4 – Thigh Curls

Using either a cable-and-pulley machine or thigh curl machine, the curls can increase the thigh biceps muscles or hamstrings.


5 – Adductor/Abductor Machines

The abductor/adductor machines work the hip flexors and inner thigh. It’s important that the muscles are developed because they can better the look of your thighs. If this machine is not available, you can always use a cable-and-pulley machine.


6 – Dumbbell Lunges

This type of exercise will shape the rear thigh muscles like the gluteus. They can also increase the flexibility of the lower body and the hips.

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